Saturday, February 4, 2012

Second Reflection: What do you need to change?

Part of becoming a better technology using teaching is doing a self assessment of your skills..  what are some areas that you need to work on to make more meaningful use of technology in your job.

  Something that I continue to struggle with as a new teacher is classroom management. It is something that I learn more about everyday, and I'm constantly assessing my ability to manage my 1st graders. I believe that this is a big area that I need to work on in order to make meaningful use of technology (once I get some!). I need to be able to see issues that can happen in the classroom while using technology ahead of time and be prepared with how to handle anything that could go wrong while keeping the management of my classroom up. Perhaps in that aspect, I would need to sharpen my abilities to multitask as well.
   Time management would also be something I need to work on. I have a tendency to get lost in my lessons, especially when my kiddos are curious about things and want to ask questions. I love to feed into their curiosity, but that can be time consuming. Being able to better manage my time would help me with effective use of technology in the classroom, as I believe that it is extremely easy to get lost in technology and lose track of time.

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