Friday, January 29, 2010

2nd week of school down, and snowed in!!!

Snowed in...YAY Oklahoma. How I LOVE your snow-ice, and FANTASTIC drivers in this crud. Oh, also the fact that EVERYTHING except Wal-Mart is closed. I hate you.

Well, at least I have time to update the blog! Week 2 of school is down, and I think this semester is going to be pretty intense. Nothing I can't handle, though! In the madness of the beginning of school, I've managed to start a few of the tasks on The Mission.

First, I finished playing the New Super Mario Bros. Wii!!! It was a blast, as a matter of fact, my husband and I are going through and playing it again. Anyone needing new Wii games, this is a must for anyone who wants to feel a little nostalgic! Here are the end credits :D

I've managed to purchase a "Wreck This Journal" amidst purchasing my and my husband's million dollar textbooks. Methinks this is going to be annoyingly difficult for my Type-A personality to finish...but  we'll see how it goes. For anyone who doesn't know what a "Wreck This Journal" is, read the story of how it came to be by the author here: YES, click here. (Also, enjoy my open cabinets in the background, for your viewing pleasure. I was so excited about this "journal," that I went around opening all of my cabinets while singing show tunes as well as strategically placing my pink plaid backpack on the couch, of course for it to be in this shot.)

ALSO I managed to finish the nautical flags for our aforementioned themed living room I was painting! Acrylic on canvas, the flags spell out the name my husband and I share...I'm debating on whether or not to add two more flags, one on either side (once the go on the wall) for each of our initials. I'll get a pic up once they are in place on the wall.

I'm currently in progress of obtaining my teaching certificate in elementary education (oh, dear...) hence my going to school AFTER obtaining my Bachelor's degree in something completely different last spring. If I'm lucky, I will complete this task before The Mission's end date. Then you can all trust me to teach yer chilran how too spel and dew grammarz::: az wel az mathes?!


  1. I just got a wreck this journal. I've started it and some of the tasks in it make me cringe, but I am soooo gonna do it and have had fun doing the ones i've already done.

    Good luck!

  2. This is TheMuseFactory from swap-bot, but I already follow you!!! I am curious to know what skills every woman should master?

  3. Hi... This is mbkufen from swap-bot... I already follow you! I like your nautical flags...

  4. You are hilarious. Love the blog.

    I've got a new word for you to expand your vocabulary. It's culinary related. Offal = the innards of animals such as brains,kidneys, liver, stomach, lungs, etc. Use of it in a sentence: I hate offal, it really is awful. (That should help with #24 on your list)

    And check out my blog. I've got a cheesecake recipe on their you have to try. Check out the January 16th and 17th Fruit Pizza entry. There is a Japanese cheesecake that is to die for. (That should help you with #23)

    superstarchefmark (swap-bot, bemyblogfollower2)

  5. LADY - that is ONE HUGE LIST!

    New follower from SwapBot - GOOD LUCK - will keep an eye on you see how it's going... x

  6. I've hearsd that "Wreck this Journal" is a blast!
    Let me know how you like it!My name is Carly from swap-bot and I am now following you.
    Check out my blog if you have a chance!

  7. Hi Tiffany!
    GP from swapbot!
    I love the uppermost photo - very postcard -type!

    happy swapping!

  8. I LOVE your goals on the side. I am going to have to copy you somehow. I also have a Wreck this Journal. It's hard at first. But once you start, it is so freeing. Enjoy. Be free. And your snow photo is so very cool. (no pun intended)

  9. Hi Tiffany
    I am Linda M in the Swap-Bot Blogger 2 swap. Love your goals list. Something all of us should do. I think I will start a list of my own!

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